About us

Lava Industrial Company (LIC) is a Saudi Arabian company providing to KSA and regional Industrial players quality support industrial services by growing their geographical footprint and customer base as well to operate efficiently.

The company consists of seasoned professionals with strong experience in different industries along with understanding of KSA and regional opportunities. It also has expertise to provide mining services and product such as EPC Turnkey, spares, lab testing, studies and chemical consumables.


Range of Services

Lava offers Industrial and Trading services in KSA and regional markets.

Mining is one of our core Industrial capabilities, and we provide products and services across the mining value chain, mainly in mineral processing, through best specialized agencies/partnerships collaborations. Also, we in Lava provide manufacturing commercial services to support local factories achieve best economy of scale and returns.

In parallel, Lava also offer Trading services where we help our clients in increasing “Made in Saudi” footprint through the existing capacity into new markets


Our Vision

The company’s vision is to be a Distinctive service provider in Industrial and Trading sectors in KSA and other regions


Our Mission

Lava’s mission is serve its clients with the maximum benefits through sustainable solutions by implementing industry best practices through dedicated/experienced team at low cost operating model with the ability to continue to thrive in a challenging work environment


Our Values

Integrity, Compliance, Care, Accountability